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Top 10 Best Personal Blender Reviews & Buying Guide

What’s The Best Personal Blender? Choosing the best personal blender can be tricky bearing in mind the many different models that are available for purchase on the market.

The best thing that will help you get the best blender is remembering that it is personal. In this case, you should buy a product that meets your needs and requirements.

Introduction To the Best Personal Blender

Personal blenders are designed to provide you with perfect smoothies at home. A personal size blender will be ideal for the following reasons;

  • For small kitchens that have limited storage space
  • Making baby food
  • For people who are single
  • Perfect for people who live in a dorm

If you are not careful when you are purchasing a personal blender, you might end up buying a very big blender with many features that you will never use. On the other hand, you can buy a cheap blender have gives you a headache every time that it is in use.

Before you make a decision of buying a personal blender, there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself. This will help you get the best product that will satisfy your needs. Here are some few important questions that you should ask yourself.

  • What type of blender do you want?
  • What is the main aim of purchasing the blender?
  • What amount of money are you willing to spend
  • What features do you want your blender to have?

How To Choose Best Personal Blender

Before you purchase a personal blender, there are some things that you need to look at. Blenders come in different styles to meet the needs of different customers. Here are some of the things that you must consider when you are purchasing a personal blender.


You do not want to have a very big blender that is difficult to operate; neither do you want a small blender that will not meet your needs.

For instance, if you know that you prepare 6 ounces every morning, go for a blender that will hold that capacity.

On the other hand, if you make smoothies for a larger family, a big blender will be ideal. 


This is the next thing that you need to look at when you are purchasing a personal blender. The speed of the blender will be determined by the motor.

If you go for a blender that provides you with more power output, the faster you will make your smoothies. In addition, a blender with a strong motor can handle hard ingredients like ice and nuts and deliver the best results. 

Ease of Operation

This is an important thing that is mostly overlooked when buying a personal blender. A personal blender should be very easy to operate. This will make your work easy every time you want to blend.

There are blenders that will require a lot of time to get started while others just require a push of a button, and you are ready to make your delicious smoothies.


Is there any good reason that you should purchase a personal blender if it does not have strong and blades?

The blades are the most important part of any blender. This is the part that has the capability of chopping through ice, vegetables and fruits among other things that you want to blend. A good blade should crush everything without leaving any lumps on the final product.

Additional Features

There are other things that you need to put in mind when purchasing a personal blender so that you can get a product that will impress you. Consider the following things important too.

  • Presence of safety features
  • Portable cups
  • Multiple settings
  • The price of the blender
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Presence of a blending cookbook
  • Easy user interface

Recommended Best Personal Blender

After doing a lot of research and testing, I came up with a list of top ten best personal blenders that you can have a look at. All the blenders work well to provide you with the best results for anything that you bread. Enjoy reading their individual reviews and hopefully, you will get one that meets your needs.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System 900 w 14 x 16.3 x 7.9 inches
Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System 600 w 12.9 x 9 x 13 inches
Conair Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt 1 Quart Portable Blender/Chopper System 350 w 10.1 x 15.8 x 10 inches
Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue 250 w 6.9 x 6.7 x 14.9 inches
Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set 250 w 13 x 8.5 x 10.5 inches
Tribest PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender 200 w 13.2 x 11 x 5.5 inches
BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender, Stainless Steel, and Black 240 w 8.9 x 7.2 x 10.5 inches
Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black 175 w 5.2 x 4.2 x 11.9 inches
Farberware Single Serve Blender 17 Piece Set 240 w 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.1 inches
Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender 250 w 6.9 x 6.7 x 14.9 inches


  Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender/Mixer System

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Magic Bullet NutriBullet

Fruits and vegetables are healthy, and it is recommendable to take then frequently in your diet. In most cases, eating fruits as a whole can be boring.

This is why blenders are common to help you make the healthiest smoothies by combining different fruits and vegetables.

Ease of Use

With a good blender like the Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series, you can enjoy a healthy living by blending a juice of your choice. This machine is easy to use, and it does all the work or you.

Sharp Blades

It is designed with sharp blades that can cut almost anything that you feed this blender. Whether you put in nuts, tough items and other foods rich in nutrients, this blender will handle it all and provide you with the best results.

Powerful Motor

The whole blending and mixing process is made possible by the presence of a powerful motor that can cut through different types of fruits and vegetables and any other thing that you would love to blend.

The powerful motor combined with the sharp blades will cut almost everything to provide you with nutritious food that is easy for your digestive system.

Travel Mug

This nine-piece machine comes with a travel mug that gives you the opportunity to carry your favorite beverage anywhere that you go.


  Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

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Magic Bullet NutriBullet

One of the recommendable personal blenders from Magic Bullet is the Magic Bullet NutriBullet. This is a portable blender that is easy to use and safe for kids too.

When you are looking for the best personal blender on the market, you want a product that will break even the toughest ingredient to provide you with nutritious food that is easily digested.


This versatile blender can perform different functions. You can use it to pulverize fruits, vegetables and making smooth textures from super-foods and protein shakes.

Powerful Motor

With its 600 watt motor, the machine produces a high torque making it easy to blend your food smoothly. This allows you to enjoy all the healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables effortlessly without having to chew anything.


The 12-piece blender comes with one user manual, one pocket nutritionist, one short cup, one handheld cup, one high-torque power base, one flat blade, one emulsifying blade and two re-sealable lids. All these things are made to help you achieve a hassle free blending experience.

Individualized Container

One of the things that make this blender different from the others on the market is its container system. This is effective in cases where you and your family prefer different types of smoothies and shakes. You do not need to rinse and clean in between when you are making different smoothies.


  Conair Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt 1 Quart Portable Blender/Chopper System

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Conair Cuisinart CPB-300

This is a streamlined blender that makes smoothies

Blending has never been easy with the Conair Cuisinart CPB-300 350. This is a streamlined blender that makes smoothies within minutes.

Travel Cups

It comes with four travel cups so that everybody can enjoy their favorite drinks when they are on the go. You can make a smoothie of your choice in the chopping cup and enjoy all the delicacies and healthy nutrients.

Powerful Motor

Its 350 motor delivers the required power to chop different ingredients. You are not limited to the amount of ingredients that you can use in this blender; it can handle both sot and hard ingredients to provide you with a smoothie of your choice.

BPA-Free Components

The portable blender is designed with BPA-free blending jar, chopping cup, and travel cup hence providing you with the safest and healthiest drinks.

Strong Blades

For effective blending, there are two high-quality blade assemblies that are strong enough to handle any blending, grinding and chopping. The blades are designed in a way that they are self-aligning so that the cups will fit at the base conveniently.

LED Indicator Lights

Another outstanding feature with this blender is the touchpad control with LED indicator lights that is easy to use, clean and read. This will show the speed that you are using when you are preparing your favorite drinks.

Slip-Proof Feet

When you are working with this blender in your kitchen, safety is guaranteed. The Slip-proof feet prevent any movement when the machine is in use to prevent any damages from taking place on your kitchen countertop.


  Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue

Editor Rating

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue.

Enjoy blending your favorite smoothie or shake with the Oster BLSTPB-WBL blender. The blender is stylish and will provide a great look on your kitchen countertop.

Motor Size

With its powerful 250-watt motor, you can include fruits and ice in your healthy drinks to make them delicious and tasty to your liking.

Stainless Steel Blades

The machine is easy to use so anybody making smoothies at home will have the best time operating the blender. With its stainless steel blades, you can achieve a quick and convenient one-touch operation to save you more time, especially if you are blending in the morning.

Small Base

The base of the blender is small to keep on top of your kitchen countertop conveniently. It does not occupy much of your space, so you will not have problems storing the blender after use.

Easy Cleaning

After you are through with blending, cleaning the machine is another simplest task. Good enough, the blender has a dishwasher safe design hence providing you with easy cleaning.

Color Options

This blue blender is available in other different colors such as orange, pink, green, blue and pink. You can go for any color depending on the one you love most.


  Magic Bullet MBR-1701 17-Piece Express Mixing Set

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Magic Bullet MBR-1701

With this countertop kitchen appliance, you can make refreshing smoothies, desserts, salsas and shakes for you and your family.

Having a versatile personal blender in your kitchen makes your work easier and also saves you from having many kitchen appliances.

One mighty blender that can blend, grind, chop, mix, and whip is the Magic Bullet MBR-1701. This machine makes your job done in less than ten minutes hence saving you more time.

High Performance

The powerful motor combined with the stainless steel blades provide a fast and smooth chopping. You can feed the machine with different types of ingredients to get the tastiest and healthiest smoothies.

Ease of Cleaning

This unit comes with cups and mugs that are microwave safe, freezer safe and parts of the machine are dishwasher safe. You can clean the unit after blending your favorite smoothie within a few minutes.

Ease or Operation

The blender is easy to use. For quick results, you just need to add the ingredients into the included mugs or cups, twist the required blade and place the unit on the power base. Press it down and the machine will handle the rest of the work.

Other Components

This 17-piece unit comes with several accessories for the best blending results. It includes a power base, two blades, 2 cups, four mugs, 2 sealed lids, 2 vented lids, recipe book and four colored comfort lip rings.


  Tribest PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender

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Tribest PB-350

Making a smart choice gives you a machine that you will treasure the rest of your life.

When you are buying a personal blender, you should go for a very specific unit that will meet all your blending requirements.

Making a smart choice gives you a machine that you will treasure the rest of your life. If you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by blending different ingredients, get the Tribest PB-350 Mason Jar Personal Blender.

Powerful Motor

This unit is highly versatile and guarantees you with tasty smoothies every time you blend. With its powerful 200 watt motor, you can feed it with any ingredients and expect a good drink. Whether you include ice, nuts, grains and seed, the blender will always impress you.

Two Modes of Operation

Enjoy the two modes of operation that are provided by this machine. It has one touch pulse and press and twist continuous modes for efficient grinding and blending.


Most of the blenders you will come across produce more waste and less yield. This means that you have to buy more of the ingredients so that you can make more drinks.

With this machine, you only require less input and expect a high yield. The machine produces less waste and provides you with smoothies that are highly nutritious.

This time-saving blender is compatible with most of the mouth mason jars so if you want to upgrade you have a variety to choose from.

Considering its functionality and the quality of smoothies produced by this durable unit, there is nothing that should prevent you from making it one of your favorite kitchen appliances.


  BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender, Stainless Steel, and Black

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BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender

Bring home the BELLA 13586 12-Piece Rocket Blender and enjoy making your favorite fruits and vegetable drinks.

Having a personal blender at home allows you to make tasty smoothies super fast. There are so many benefits that you are going to get from juicing.

One of the benefits that I appreciate when juicing is that I have the power to determine the thickness of the smoothies. I love my smoothies super thick, but you can make it lighter if you like.

As compared to juicing, blending doesn’t raise your blood pressure. This is because the fiber in the fruits and vegetables is not removed while juicing eliminates the fiber.


This is a versatile machine that you can use for different functions. You can blend smoothies, grind coffee and puree soups among many other uses.

Nice Design

This unit is designed with stainless steel combined with the black color which makes it very attractive on your kitchen countertop. Also, the stainless steel construction makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Separate Blades

The unit is made with two different blades, one for blending and the other one for grinding. You can feed the machine with fruits, vegetables, coffee beans, nuts and spices and get healthy and delicious food.

Blending Cups

There are two tall blending cups and one grinding cup that come with this blender. Since the blades are attached directly to the cups, you can enjoy taking your blended drink right from the cup that prepared it.

On top of that, the separate cups make it easy to prepare different types of drinks for storage.


  Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black

Editor Rating
Purchasing a personal blender can be one of the difficult decisions to make. But this should not be the case; you are buying a unit for your needs, not for commercial purposes.

All you need to do is to determine your needs and look for a blender that meets your needs. To save you time looking for the best personal blender, I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender.


This compact blender is ideal for preparing shakes, smoothies, marinades, baby formula, salad dressings and much more. Its compact design makes it ideal for people who have small living spaces.

Ease of Operation

This is among the simplest blenders that you will come across. With its easy one-touch pulse operation, you can make your blended drinks in seconds.


If you love blending juice in the morning for your family, this blender is made for you. Its 14-oz blending jar can hold enough drink to serve some people. Additionally, there are travel cups that fit perfectly in most car drink holders.

Powerful Motor

The power of the motor determines whether the machine can handle simple ingredients as well as hard components. Its 175-watt motor offers you with the required power for reliable performance.

Stainless Steels Blades

The unit is designed with sharp and durable blades that provide the desired results. The blades do a great job in blending, and they are also very easy to clean. You can also achieve a quick clean up with a dishwasher.


  Farberware Single Serve Blender 17 Piece Set

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Farberware Single Serve Blender

Making salads from fruits and vegetables all the time can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to eat.

If you find it difficult to eat the vegetables, you need to look for an alternative way to ensure that you are providing your body with essential nutrients.

With a personal blender, you can mix all the ingredients and come up with a yummy drink that is easy to digest.

Are you having trouble selecting the best blender?

I have provided you with one of the top rated personal blenders that will be a good companion when you are making delicious drinks.


Make your preferred beverages at home with the Farberware Single Serve Blender. This machine is highly versatile so you can use it to perform a variety of functions. Whether you want to mix, blend, chop or puree, this blender has got your back.

Stainless Steel Construction

This blender gives you the chance to enjoy a healthy living by making nutritious smoothies. It is a machine that will impress you not only with its performance but also its durability.

Ease of Maintenance

Once you are through with the blending process, you do not have to worry about the cleaning. Luckily, the lids, cups, and blades are dishwasher safe. Again, the presence of non-skid feet prevent any spills from messing up with the machine as well as your kitchen countertop.

Addition Accessories

To complement the blending process, some additional accessories come with this blender. Such include:

  • Cups
  • Lids
  • Rings
  • Two blades for chopping and blending


  Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender

Editor Rating
For those people who are concerned about their health and keeping their bodies fit, a blender can be very essential in helping them achieve their fitness goals.

When you are working out, your body needs a lot of energy so that the exercises can be useful. With a good blender in your kitchen, you can prepare pre-workout or post-workout drinks to provide your body with more energy.

One of the best blenders that can never let you down is the Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender.


This machine is built to last. With its powerful 250-watt motor and stainless steel blade, you can make your drinks in seconds and provide your body with nutrients.

Ease of Use

The unit is user-friendly, and anyone can operate it with ease. Once you have put all your ingredients, just press a button and let the machine do the rest.

Final Words

Blending from home provides you with healthy smoothies that are delicious. If you have the best personal blender, o can make smoothies from different fruits and vegetables among other things that you love blending.

Choosing the right blender for personal use can be difficult because there are many products to choose from.

Fortunately, I have helped you get the best blender by highlighting the selling features of top rated personal blenders that I highly recommend.

Be sure to check the blenders and enjoy yummy smoothies from the comfort of your home. Good luck as you look forward to a healthy lifestyle with blending.