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Oster VERSA Performance Blender Review

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When you are looking for a powerful blender, the most recommend models from experts are from Blendtec and Vitamix or oster versa performance blender.

These high-end models cost a lot of money because they come with advanced features that are not present in most of the blenders on the market.

The truth is, not everybody will be in a position to afford an expensive blender. In fact, you can get a nice blender that costs half the price of the expensive models and still provide you with the best outcomes.

Oster VERSA Performance Blender main4

The Oster VERSA Performance Blender is among the best blenders in the market that will provide you with satisfying results without spending a lot of money.

This Oster blender has a nice sturdy base so you will not experience any movements or shake when you are blending. Moreover, it is designed with easy controls for a smooth operation.

Find out other important things that make this blender the right pick by many of the customers looking for an affordable blender.

Powerful Motor

The motor is like the heart of a blender. The power of the motor will determine the types of ingredients that the machine can handle comfortably and still deliver the best results.

This beautiful blender is equipped with a 1400 watt motor that provides the necessary power to handle different types of ingredients ranging from easy to harder ones.


This machine is designed with some one of the most powerful blades. The blades are made from stainless steel and spin over 250 mph to provide you with effortless blending.

You are assured of tackling even the most difficult recipes that most of the blenders cannot handle perfectly.


You can blend just about anything with this strong blender. Whether you want to make soups, crush nuts, prepare flavorful food or crush ice, this blender is designed to do all those functions.

Other things that you can prepare with this blender include fresh juice, grinding nut butter, blend smoothies, whisk sauces, sorbets and prepare tasty snacks among other uses.

Programmed Settings

When you are preparing any food with this blender, there is no guess work. The machine features three programmed settings for smoothie, soup and spreads. With the handy setting, you can easily come up with your favorite recipe.

You just need to press a button to start and stop the blender. You also need to use the perfect time and speed to get the best results.

Durable Design

Oster VERSA Performance Blender

Nobody wants to own a poor quality blender that will break down after using it a couple of weeks. This can end up wasting your time, money and you may not also get the desired results.

You can depend on this powerful machine for durability because it is thoughtfully construction to ensure that the users enjoy many years of healthy blending.



The machine is versatile

It has three programmed settings

Features a durable design

It comes with color cookbooks and inspiring recipes

It has a strong motor


  • The markings are hard to read

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to remove the blade from the container?

A: No it is not possible to remove the blade from the container. This is because any misalignment as a result of a poor assembly can cause leaks.

Q: Can I use this blender for soup, green drinks, salsa, dough and butter?

A: Yes you can. My wife makes soups, salsa nut butter and green smoothies using this blender.

Q: Can this blender also work as a food processor?

A: The machine is designed with a pulse button that will allow you to make things like salsa, but it does not dice, slice or make Julian fries. I hope this helps you.


Final Verdict

This blender will fit in most of the kitchen cabinets easily when it is not in use. If you are looking forward to high-performance blender at a relatively low cost, consider this model as a brilliant purchase.

You can enjoy preparing healthy drinks to give you power before attending the gym or some post workout drinks that will help your muscles to heal quickly.

If you also want to enjoy drinking healthy juices from fruits and vegetables, this is the right blender for you.


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