Vitamix Professional Series 500

Vitamix Professional Series 500 Review

Vitamix Professional Series 500 blender is an essential appliance that you need to have in your kitchen. These machines are versatile, so they will help you in most of the kitchen activities.

If you love taking healthy smoothies of drinking healthy beverage before and after a workout, having a blender will be the best thing.

This will help you prepare a drink of your choice, and you can determine how thick or thin you want your smoothie to be.

Vitamix Professional Series 500 Blende

Selecting the best blender on the market is not a simple task. People easily get confused because there are hundreds of models to choose from.

To make your search simple and less tiresome, I have provided you with a review of the Vitamix Professional Series 500, which is a machine that handles blending tasks amazingly well.

Find out some of the unique things that make this blender in the market as compared to its competitors.

Powerful Motor

This blender is designed with a very efficient motor that can power almost everything that you want. It doesn’t matter whether you are using soft or hard ingredients, this blender will handle anything that comes its way to provide you with the best results.

The power means that the blades can spin at a high speed of 240 miles per hour so your ingredients will heat up with pure friction.

Easy Controls

As compared to its previous model, the Vitamix 5200, there is a considerable improvement on the controls which makes the machine highly versatile.

You will enjoy using the programmable settings that offer consistent results when you are preparing hot soups, smoothies and frozen dessert recipes among others.

Large Container

This is another important thing that will help you prepare more drinks to serve some people. The 64 0z container is designed from BPA-free plastic, so you are assured of healthy drinks all the time.

This container is 13.4 inches tall on its own so it will not fit into a standard kitchen cupboard or cabinet.


When you are buying a blender, it is wise to buy a machine that can handle other functions apart from blending. This will enable you to perform other things and also save you from having many appliances.

This highly versatile blender can chop, cream, heat, blend, grind and churn among many other tasks. All these are these come in a single machine. What else are you looking for?

Additional Accessories

When you are purchasing this unit, you will get a cookbook which includes great recipes from gourmet chefs. This will help you to prepare different types of drinks if you are short of recipes.

It also comes with a getting started DVD cooking class and a tamper. You can start making your best drinks with this easy to use a blender.


  • It makes perfect smoothies
  • It can blend ingredients with ice to make frozen deserts
  • The handle is designed t provide a comfortable grip
  • It works well in grinding coffee beans and chopping onions
  • It is easy to operate
  • It has a tamper for mixing ingredients


  • The machine is loud
  • The mixtures are not enough

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How efficient is the motor of this machine?

A: I bought this blender, and I’m impressed with the motor. It is efficient making it very easy to handle almost everything that you feed the blender.

Q: Does this blender come with a recipe book?

A: Yes, this is a very good machine that comes with an instructional DVD and CD cookbook.

Q: Any warranty details for this machine?

A: I have this blender, and it has an exceptionally long warranty. This is an indication of quality.

Final Verdict

With such a powerful blender in your kitchen, there is no reason you should not lead a healthy life. Whether you want to make drinks that will aid in weight loss or simply prepare your favorite drinks, this machine will handle any task.

All you need to do is to feed it with the desired ingredients and wait for satisfying results after a few minutes.

Make blending part of your lifestyle by having this versatile and high-performance blender in your kitchen.